NFC Digital Business Card - NFC Card Ntag215 - Digital Name Card - 2-Side Printing - Design 13

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Introducing the Future of Networking: NFC Business Cards

Why settle for the same old business cards when you can make a lasting impression with our NFC Business Cards? Say goodbye to the hassle of printing hundreds of cards and hello to the simplicity of just one card that does it all. Here's why you need our NFC Business Cards for your professional endeavors:

Unparalleled Convenience: With just one NFC Business Card, you can effortlessly share your contact details, portfolio, social media profiles, and more. No more fumbling through stacks of paper cards or worrying about running out. One tap is all it takes.

Tailored to You: We understand that your professional identity is unique. That's why we offer customization options to make your NFC Business Card truly yours. Add your logo, choose your colors, and craft a design that represents your brand perfectly.

Luxury Meets Technology: Our NFC Business Cards aren't just smart; they're stylish too. The embossed luxurious look is sure to captivate your business partners and clients, leaving them with an unforgettable first impression of your sophistication and professionalism.

Seamless Setup: 

We recommend using Linktr.ee to create a comprehensive profile that includes all your essential information, links, and product catalog. We will activate the NFC card for you!

How it works?

Send us your existing business card. We will transform it into a NFC business card, you will only need one - since you will only need to let others scan it and the info will be stored on their devices. You won't need to give out business cards again.

NFC card SPEC:

Ntag215 memory 540 bytes 

Credit Card size, PVC type

UV Printing / Spot UV / Emboss

Don't miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your networking experience and make a statement in the business world. Upgrade to NFC Business Cards today and be prepared to impress and connect like never before.

介绍网络的未来: NFC 名片

如果您能使用我们的 NFC 名片留下深刻印象,为什么还要满足于千篇一律的名片呢?告别印制成百上千张名片的麻烦,只需一张名片就能满足所有需求。以下是您需要我们的 NFC 名片进行专业工作的原因:

无与伦比的便利性: 只需一张 NFC 名片,您就可以毫不费力地分享您的详细联系方式、作品集、社交媒体资料等。再也不用在成堆的纸质名片中摸索,也不用担心名片用完。只需轻点一下即可。

为您量身定制: 我们了解您的职业身份是独一无二的。因此,我们提供定制选项,让您的 NFC 名片真正属于您。添加您的徽标,选择您的颜色,设计出完美代表您品牌的名片。

奢华与科技的完美结合: 我们的 NFC 名片不仅智能,而且时尚。浮雕的奢华外观一定会吸引您的商业伙伴和客户,让他们对您的精致和专业留下难忘的第一印象。


我们建议您使用 Linktr.ee 创建一个综合档案,其中包括您的所有基本信息、链接和产品目录。我们将为您激活 NFC 卡!


将您现有的名片发送给我们。我们将把它变成一张 NFC 名片,您只需要一张,因为您只需要让别人扫描它,信息就会存储在他们的设备上。您再也不需要分发名片了。


Ntag215 内存 540 字节 

信用卡大小,PVC 类型

UV 印刷 / 专色 UV / 压花

不要错过革新您的网络体验并在商业世界中崭露头角的机会。今天就升级到 NFC 名片,为给人留下深刻印象和建立前所未有的联系做好准备。

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