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Touch n Go Card 2022 ( NFC ) - AVATAR - CUSTOM DESIGN - NFC TNG CARD

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Touch 'n GO card with NFC function
- Custom Design!

Let change your Touch n Go card with the custom photo that you like!

* (It included TNG card together) *

Now, enhanced with a new technology which allows reloads anytime, anywhere, for a contactless, cashless and convenient lifestyle.

The enhanced Touch 'n Go Card is fully equipped with
NFC technology to enable reloads via Touch 'n Go eWallet, allowing you convenient and easy reloads wherever you are, whenever you want.

No more wasting time to queue for buying a Touch n Go card or queue for topup reload.  This card is NEW and ready to use. Can top up using the Touch N Go app using your phone's NFC function.

✅ Able to top up via the Touch N Go e-wallet app from Singapore
✅ Expiry: February 2029
✅ NFC version (new!)
✅ Brand new

Please ensure your hand phone have NFC function to reload or topup your credit from handphone TNG APPS e-wallet. If you handphone do not have NFC function, you may topup at 7-11, atm, petrol station….. convenient store.

Thank you 

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